Business Profile

Yevu Consultants was set up in 2008 in recognition of the need of high quality, affordable and trustworthy solutions to the needs of those wanting to do business in Ghana. We are able to bring a blend of England and Ghana in order to offer a trustworthy service to individuals, companies, charities as well as any other foreign entity dealing throughout Ghana from outside the country.

Set up by an enthusiastic Englishman with an avid interest as well as extensive experience in Ghana, Yevu Consultants is an exceptional opportunity for those outside of Ghana who need to make the most of their investment. The Managing Director has already proven his worth when working on behalf of various different individuals and organisations when in Ghana.

Mission statement

Yevu Consultants aims to revolutionise the way in which transactions are made within Ghana from abroad, by offering trustworthy and cost effective solutions. Yevu currently focuses on UK-Ghana transactions, but has a view to expand to facilitate transactions from across the globe and eventually expand its services into other African countries.


Managing Director’s Profile

Samuel Polley, an Englishman born and raised in England became interested in Ghana whilst volunteering there during a break in education. Whilst studying his BA Hons Degree at the University of Leicester he furthered his avid interest in Ghana with subsequent visits as well as setting up a small sponsorship scheme for a local rural primary school. He swiftly learnt the challenges of working in Ghana and how to overcome them.

During a year in Ghana, studying his Masters Degree he cultivated his networking skills as well as representing a British based organisation on the ground. He was able to build a rapport with Ghanaian’s within all elements of society with his uniquely open style.

Samuel Polley has a passion for the development of Ghana and feels that by helping stakeholders ensure that their investments of either time or money are secure will allow more confidence to be found when dealing with Ghana.

About Us

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