Yevu Consultants endeavours to offer answers to any problems faced in Ghana by those outside Ghana in a reliable and trust worthy manner. Whether it is checking on a building project, communicating on behalf of companies and organisations or simply opening new networking avenues, Yevu can fulfil your every need. Please find some examples of services below.

Our typical consultancy services include:


If you have any task, big or small, then we endeavour to complete it. From checking on a building project or finding land to buying products from home or simply running errands we are able to meet your needs.


Instead of paying extensive expenses on flights, travel insurance and accommodation use Yevu Consultants to oversee your interests in Ghana.

Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

Charities and Not for Profit Organisations need to keep their capital out goings to a minimum. Instead of paying travel expenses why not use Yevu Consultants to oversee your interests in Ghana.


Churches owe it to their parishioners to make sure that money they give for projects overseas reaches those it is intended and is used for its intended purpose and efficiently as possible. Yevu Consultants can act as an intermediary and ensure the appropriate use of the funds.


Yevu Consultants understand the importance for overseas Universities to recruit students in Ghana. Yevu Consultants can help in distribution of marketing information and can use their extensive knowledge of the Ghanaian Education system to their benefit.

Students and researchers that need help organising a research trip, collating information or even finding informants can come to us for our research expertise in Ghana.


If you have a desire to volunteer in Ghana, contact Yevu Consultants and we can shape a trip around your needs. Whatever your skills or ability may be, there is an opportunity for you to have a life changing experience in Ghana. No matter the duration of your visit or the activity you would like to be involved in contact us to discuss volunteering opportunities.


It is difficult to specify specific prices due to the huge variety of services we offer as well as the distances when travelling around Ghana on your behalf.

Feel free to contact us and we can give you a reasonable quote.

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