Experience so far

Agave Development Association UK (ADA UK)

ADA have used Samuel Polley to represent them in Ghana over the last 5 years. As well as organising and taking part in ADA Ghana committee meetings he has also collated research for them and overseen various projects on their behalf.

Agordome School Project

Private donors from the UK raised funds to redevelop a primary school in rural Ghana. After suspicions arose over the application of the money, Samuel was brought in to manage the project. He was used not only to over see the building work but to make sure that all the products and labour was paid for at the best possible price and to ensure also that the project was finished on time. The project was eventually extremely successful with surplus funds remaining which were used to put electricity in to the building and begin the kindergarten.

Agorhome School Charity

Samuel was a founding member of a small charity set up to offer small support to a rural primary school in Ghana. Whilst the fundraising team worked in the UK, Samuel spent time with the school in order to find how best to use the funds. So far the school has benefited from new equipment, new school uniforms as well as desks, tables and cupboards. Fundraising is now taking place to put in a new school roof.


When volunteers were sent over to Ghana to take part in charitable projects, Samuel made sure that their stay was comfortable and successful. As well as organising trips for them around the country he also made sure that each project took place successfully.


During his Masters degree, studied at the University of Ghana, Samuel spent much time in the field researching for his thesis on the changing faces of religion and politics in the Southern Volta Region. He has also spent time doing small scale research related to medical and educational needs for the Agave Development Association. With this vast experience of research, including oral research, he has the ability to do small-scale research on the behalf of charitable organisations as well as companies depending on the subject.

Kreate Consultancy Ltd

Yevu Consultants have facilitated the networking of Kreate Consultancy Ltd (London) with various large companies in Ghana as well as Government agencies in order for them to show case their services.

Farm Project

Yevu Consultants has successfully overseen the creation of a new food and cash crop farm within a short time frame and to a small budget. They have enabled new local employment in a struggling area as well as create opportunities for the future.

Political campaign

While on his research trail, Samuel was given the opportunity to join a campaign team for a local primary election. This experience has enabled him to understand the issues of grass roots politics as well as network in the political sphere.

Town meetings

Samuel took an avid interest in local village happenings and often took part in planning and other meetings in his adopted village. He has found ways of communicating himself clearly and has helped keep a positive momentum in village life.

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